Supplying of Commodities from Refinery

We are a professional supplier for Oil & Gas and petrochemical products. We specialize in presenting credible Seller or mandates to credible and reliable Buyers directly. We offer a distinctive service from start to finish. Simply put, we are an experienced to supplying of Oil & Gas and petrochemical products directly from sellers to buyers. We are very capable of negotiating spot deals and long term supply contracts to suit buyers needs as they arise. We are very confident in our ability to deliver.

We here by confirm that our Seller / Refinery is ready, willing and able to enter into a contract to sell and transfer the below mentioned commodities hereunder to any reliable buyer or company, and issue Full Corporate Offer and then straight to Sales Purchase Agreement upon acceptance of our terms and conditions stipulated hereinafter. Also we confirm all commodities we supply such as : JPA1, JP54, D2, AGO, D6, EN590, 500PPM, D-50ppm, MAZUT, REBCO, LCO, BITUMEN, PETCOKE, LPG,LNG, GASOLINE, LRO , SULPHUR, DAP, MARINE FUEL, FUEL OIL, METHANOL, NAPHTHA, UREA, are guaranteed to meet the standards requirement of SGS or equivalent.

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